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Three Days Later, Halloween Is Still Not Over

After three or four days of seeing people painting their faces and wearing slutty outfits, you may be completely sick of Halloween. But even after three or four days of celebration, actual Halloween is going on tonight. If you still feel like rallying for one more night of ghoulish fun, you are in luck because there are still Halloween events going on.

For example, Heidi Klum is done with her skinless costume and is doing part two of her annual Halloween party at Ph-d tonight with Marc Ronson and Mike Nouveau, while Kanye West and Anja Rubik are doing their own thing at The Darby, and Santos Party House is throwing The Loonies costume party tonight. You can also find more Halloween fun at the Jane Ballroom, Miss Lily's (although they are only supposed to be serving wine and beer!), and last but certainly not least, it's our pal Scott Sartiano's birthday celebration tonight at his nightclub 1OAK with Samantha Ronson and the Chainsmokers.

All of these events are likely to be invitation only, but put that costume on one more time and tell them Eater sent you and we guarantee* that you get in. Or you can remember that this is one of the worst nights of the year and stay home. Your choice.
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*Not an actual guarantee

Miss Lily's

132 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website


355 W. 16th Street, New York, NY