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Old Timers Hinsch's and Famous Ray's Pizza Close

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FitR; Krieger

We start October with some sad old timer shutter news. The Brooklyn Paper reports that 63 year-old Brooklyn luncheonette and Who Goes There veteran Hinsch's closed last week. A sign in the window reveals the family that owns the soda fountain decided not to renew their lease due to "Current economic conditions, customers changing eating patterns, and our desire to retire early."

Meanwhile, Fork in the Road shares the news that Famous Ray's, a slice staple on the corner of 6th Avenue and West 11th Street, shuttered last night. It was founded in 1973, not too long after the first ever Ray's pizza shop, and was perhaps the first of the "Famous" Ray's that now litter the town. They closed because of a rent increase.
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Famous Ray's

465 6th Ave., New York, NY