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A Look Back at the Eater Lounge Wonder Wheel

Marcus Samuelsson, Red Rooster
Marcus Samuelsson, Red Rooster

For those who were too busy living life or visiting the sundry New York City Wine & Food Festival events to tune in to our Eater Lounge coverage all weekend, a quick recap: There was a Wonder Wheel, and chefs and notables (and lots of adorable children) spun it and then played games with us and/or completed humiliating challenges. Some favorite moments: Daniel Boulud's Blind Bodega Taste Test; Michael White shares his plans for a private dining room and a new custom kitchen company; Will Guidara takes a shot; Dana Cowin talks about Guy Fieri, Franklin Becker reveals what keeps him up at night; Marcus Samuelsson answers James Lipton's 10 questions. There's that and so much more right this way.

The wheel is now en route to the big carnival in the sky, and Guy Fieri and Lee Schrager are off to prep for the South Beach Wine & Food Festival (just 143 days away!).
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