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Wall Street Journal Deems Romera 'Very Good'

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The Wall Street Journal's Katy McLaughlin, who wrote this huge profile on new Dream Hotel restaurant Romera and its chef Miguel Sánchez Romera back in May, visited the buzzed about restaurant last week and filed an official report on the meal over the weekend. And unlike the Eater commenters, Yelpers, and Chowhounders who have visited so far, she was wowed by the place, writing, "[I] can report that yes, the food is good–very. It is incredible looking and original enough to make it real hard to describe." In the rather breathless account—note the base name for the article is "Could a Spanish Neurologist Be the Best Chef in the World?"—she calls one dish a valentine on a plate and hypothesizes that Romera's genius is in his subtlety: "Not all haute cuisine has to conform to the new trend of mixing kimchi into the quenelles and Sriracha into the béchamel. This food is more subtle, it requires you to focus more, to listen to your senses."

McLaughlin writes that some of gourmet waters work while others don't, and some dishes compromise function for aesthetics. But overall, the piece is a rave. Perhaps there's hope for the Doctor after all? At the Eater Lounge this weekend, the majority of the chefs that came through seemed anxious to at least check it out.
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