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Frank Offspring Sauce Opens Tomorrow on the LES

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78 Rivington St., Lower East Side
Phone: 212-420-7700
Status: Opens tomorrow

After a soft open over the weekend and some friend and family dinners, Frank Prisinzano, the owner of an East Village Italian empire that includes Frank, Lil' Frankies, and Supper, will open his newest downtown restaurant Sauce tomorrow night. Located in the old Kampuchea space at 78 Rivington, Sauce holds about 100 seats and serves rustic Italian fare like sausages, braciole, homemade pastas, meatballs, steaks fresh mozzarella and ricotta, and other red sauce Italian staples. The space also boasts an in-house butcher who will break down the meat deliveries in full view of the restaurant and will sell a variety of meat and sausages retail.

As for decor, the restaurant is about a casual-looking as its sisters, featuring tile floors, basic wooden chairs, bare tables, and chandeliers dotted with cutlery. An open kitchen overlooks the main dining room. The final menu is still being ironed out, but it will be linked here as soon as it's ready. As always, send all early reports on the restaurant to the tipline.

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78 Rivington St., New York, NY 10002

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