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Eddie Huang Responds to 'Chairman Bao' Name Dispute

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Chef Eddie Huang has always served a "Chairman Bao" bun at his restaurant BaoHaus, which is why he was peeved when a San Francisco food truck opened under the same name last year. As luck would have it, Huang trademarked the Chairman Bao name just one day before the owners of the SF truck tried to trademark it.

Now, after a year of back and forth with Huang's lawyers, the truck operators have finally dropped the "bao" and changed their name to The Chairman. Reached for comment, Huang told Eater National:

I would like to thank my attorney James Hsiao. That ninja held me down. Fuck chairman truck and the chef running it. You should have named ur shit bukakke truck but clearly you want to be Chinese. Like our sister accounting firm, the Jews, you got to ask 3 times. All praise be to Allah. Ima go feed my pigeons.
So Eddie Huang wins.
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