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Nightclub Owners Battle Over Dated Halloween Concept

What is it about the Gangs of New York that has nightlife people so captivated? The below average Scorsese film about dueling New York gangs is partly the inspiration behind the decor of one new restaurant, and now groups of rival nightlife promoters are in a tizzy because each wants to throw a Gangs of New York themed Halloween party. The Box's Simon Hammerstein believes he owns the concept, saying this is the fourth year in a row that they have done a Gangs Halloween party. But now nightlife super friends Ronnie Madra, Mark Baker, Remi Laba, and Unik Ernest are hosting their own Gangs of New York Halloween party at the Liberty Theater in Times Square (only $100 a person!) and claim ignorance about the Box, with Baker saying, "we never intended to copy them. We came up with the idea without realizing they were already running parties under that name." Fat chance says Hammerstein, telling the Post, “it is comical for them to say they didn’t know about our ‘Gangs’ parties. Many of these guys have been to them. Next thing they’ll be saying they’ve never heard of The Box.” Snap! Could this battle over a theme party lead to a Gangs of New York-esque blood bath? Since they will all be raking in money from unwitting saps, the answer is sadly no. Maybe next year someone will do a Halloween party based on Taxi Driver so we can avoid the name calling.
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