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Canz, Opening in Murray Hill, Poaching from Hooter's

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What's surprising in this Daily News piece isn't that the owner of breastaurant chain Canz is poaching from rival chain Hooter's—they've been doing that for ages—it's that a location of Canz is opening in Murray Hill next week. Up until now the sports bar and restaurant, which may have a reality show soon, had locations in Astoria and Long Island. Now it's coming to get those big tourist and meathead dollars in Manhattan.

Also, here is a Canz waitress explaining why she defected from Hooters to Canz, "I'm evolving as a woman. My individuality comes out here more. I can wear bracelets. I can paint my nails. I can dye my hair. I don't have to cover my tattoos." Complains another, "Hooters is military. You are walking on egg shells at Hooters." Canz, the chill alternative for busty lasses who want to wear half shirts and cut-offs to work.
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