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Chris Bradley Plays Kerplunk, Talks Untitled Downtown

Yesterday, Untitled chef Chris Bradley stopped by the lounge with a bag of pies from Four & Twenty Blackbirds. As it turns out, he lives near the Gowanus pie shop, and brings them to work every day. After playing some Jenga and Kerplunk, he chatted about the forthcoming location of Untitled in the Whitney Downtown:

You know, the centerpieces are Renzo Piano, the architectural designs — the walls, the ceilings. As far as the complete design, that's hard to plan four years out. We're going to have two operations: one on the main floor, and one on the ground level. We've left ourselves open, so that if we don't want to make the exact same thing, we don't have to. But it will be dinner all the time. That's a new part of my job, basically. We've been open three months, and we're talking about the next project.

He also told us about his relationship with Brooklyn pie shop Four & Twenty Blackbirds:

It's been a challenging thing to bring them. It was my idea, actually. Once we came in and saw the kitchen, we asked ourselves what would be the top of the line in the city, for dessert. Let's find the artisans there, and let's do that for us, and let's let that work out for us. I knew the girls from Four & Twenty Blackbirds, they were watching my house, actually. And I think that they were sort of afraid of the challenge, and they sort of realized that it's been mutually beneficial. We are their biggest account.

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