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Occupy Wall Street Goes After Danny Meyer

The Occupy Wall Street protestors, in an effort to critique Danny Meyer's role on the board at Sotheby's, swarmed Union Square Cafe and Gramercy Tavern on Thursday, blowing air horns inside the restaurants and making speeches against Meyer and those who support him. They are angry at the auction house because it is embroiled in tense labor negotiations with its union and workers have been locked out for three months. Said a protester in a speech at Union Square Cafe, "We will be here to make sure Danny Meyer is uncomfortable and anyone who supports him is uncomfortable...His restaurants will not be peaceful."

The food world may be able to overlook food vendors around Zuccotti Park going out of business as an unfortunate side effect of the Occupy Wall Street movement, but will it turn a blind eye to these Occupy Gramercy Tavern shenanigans?

Notice, as part of their hospitality code, the Union Square Cafe workers do not escort this guy out.

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