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Julian Medina Expands Empire Uptown with Toloache 82

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Last night, chef Julian Medina expanded his growing Mexican empire northwards by opening of Toloache 82, a new Upper East Side of his one-starred Mexican eatery that now graces the Theater District and the Financial District. These restaurants are also sisters to his Yerba Buena in the East Village and Yerba Buena Perry in the West, so he's covering quite a bit of ground at this point.

The restaurant is just open for dinner now but will launch brunch soon enough, and fans will find much of what's on offer downtown with a few Upper West Side specials thrown in the mix. Guacamole and tacos, of course, can be found in plentiful supplies. Take a look around at the space above and peek the dinner menus below.

166 East 82nd Street, Upper East Side


166 East 82nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10028 (212) 861-4505 Visit Website