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Earl's Court, Sauce, Dakota Bar, and More Coming Soon

Panera on the Upper East Side
Panera on the Upper East Side

1) Upper East Side: Above is a photo of what is probably going to be New York's first Panera Bread on 124 East 86th Street between Lexington and Park Aves. Says our tipster, "Is this area slowly becoming a turnpike rest stop?" [PLYWOOD]

2) Upper West Side: Jennifer Klein, former Jordache Jeans model and key player in the Wine & Roses debacle of 2010, told DNA Info she will be opening Dakota Bar on West 72nd St. and Columbus Ave. According to the report, the space will seat 65 and contain an enclosed outdoor café for private events and parties. Expect a full restaurant menu, late-night menu and "contemporary" cocktails. [PRE-PLYWOOD]

3) West Village: From the tipline: Claude Godard, Chef proprietor of Madison Bistro is opening another location on 14th Street between 7th and 8th Aves (formerly Gavroche) at the end of October. According to our tipster it will be named Jeanne & Gaston after the first of the four generations of chefs in the family. [PLYWOOD]

4) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie spotted construction workers gutting the former space of Kush Lounge at 191 Chrystie St. As reported previously, it will open to the public in December as the NY outpost of Experimental Cocktail Club, a speak-easy style lounge based in Paris. [PLYWOOD]

5) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie presents a series of behind-the-plywood shots of Frank Prisinzano’s upcoming restaurant, Sauce, which was scheduled to open at 78 Rivington St. on October 4 but is apparently delayed. [POST-PLYWOOD]

6) East Village: A tipster at Earl's Court has claimed its territory. It looks like the establishment will be a food court serving foodstuffs from brands like the Earl of Sandwich, Soup Man, and Billy's Bakery. [PLYWOOD]

8) Greenpoint: Wondering about the car parked on the roof of the old Wasko garage on Nassau Ave? According to Brooklyn Paper, the car marks the spot of what will become a casual seafood restaurant. [PLYWOOD]

9) Lower East Side: Bowery Boogie has new behind-the-plywood shots of 95 Delancey—aka Ludlow Bar—that reveal high ceilings, bright chandeliers and wrought-iron staircases. Coming from the team behind The Delancey, the three-story 9,000 square-foot space will supposedly house a Spanish tapas-themed restaurant, and who knows what else. [PLYWOOD]

10) Greenwich Village: Jeremiah's Vanishing New York shares some behind-the-scenes shots of Waverly Restaurant, which shut down in July to undergo renovations. The images reveal new lighting fixtures and dark wood paneling. Now to find out when the muenster cheese omelet will return to the corner of Waverly and 6th. [PLYWOOD]

11) Lower East Side: The Low-Down sat down with Erika Chou who will be opening Yunnan Kitchen on 79 Clinton St., a restaurant to focus on Yunnan Province classics such as jasmine stir-fry with egg and tea-smoked duck. Don't expect to chow down there anytime soon -- they have yet to install a kitchen. [PLYWOOD]
—Jetty-Jane Connor

Waverly Restaurant

14 Waverly Place, , NJ 07940 (973) 377-6630