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Occupy Wall Street Marched on Cipriani to Find Mayor

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In a last ditch effort to stop the proposed cleaning of their encampment of Zuccotti Park (which was indeed halted), Occupy Wall Street protesters marched to Cipriani Wall Street last night to deliver a petition to Mayor Bloomberg, who was supposedly at a gala there. According to the Daily Mail, Bloomberg slipped out the rear exit to avoid a confrontation with the swelling crowds.

In other OWS food news, a musician on the Lower East Side has offered up her small kitchen to the protest organizers, and they've cooked meals for 300 people there. And Palo Santo restaurant in Park Slope will be serving free tamales to those in the park today at noon. They write, "...By serving food at Occupy Wall Street we’re showing our solidarity with the protesters camping out, and encouraging other businesses to employ sustainable environmental policies and fair labor practices."
· 'Hell no! We won't go!' Bloomberg backs down over dawn 'eviction' of Wall Street camp after mob storms his restaurant [Daily Mail]
· Cooking up some help [NYP]
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Palo Santo

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