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Butter Lane Overcomes DOH Issues; Marlow's Cider Bar

CHEF SHUFFLES—Reps at 10 Downing confirm PXThis' report that chef Jonnatan Leiva has left the restaurant. [PXThis]

CELEB PICKS— In the new book My City, My New York: Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Places, a tabloid and red carpet reporter compiles a list of favorite haunts of major celebs including Salmon Rushdie, Jon Stewart, Fred Armisen, Tiny Fey, and Fran Lebowitz. [Paper]

FOOD ON FILM— To commemorate the start of the NYC Food Film Festival TONY has compiled a list of the top 50 food moments on film. Take a look. [TONY]

EAST VILLAGE— EV Grieve reports that the DOH temporarily closed cupcake favorite Buttermilk Lane on East 7th St. It was able to reopen this afternoon though. [EVG; The Local]]

OCCUPY WALL STREET— One side effect of the Occupy Wall Street protest: a lot of the local food vendors are struggling as their customers no longer come to Zuccotti Park for lunch and the protestors are already provided for. [WSJ]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT— At this Sunday's New Amsterdam Market, Marlow & Sons will host a Cider Bar. In addition to hard cider there will be grilled East Coast oysters, shrimp with romesco sauce, wood grilled wild mushrooms and more. [EaterWire]
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