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Steve Hanson's Big Box Newcomer Kibo Now Open


Kibo, Steve Hanson's replacement for recently shuttered big box Asian restaurant Japonais, is now open over on East 18th Street near Union Square. As mentioned previously, not a whole lot has changed with this space, which features multiple dining areas and multiple bars over two large floors. But there's pedigree behind the menu, specifically lauded French chef Joel Robuchon, who consulted on the Japanese menu of sushi, noodles, rice, and grilled items. It's a broad menu he and Hanson have created, with prices that are potentially reasonable enough to fill the multitude of seats night after night. Take a gander at the full menu below, have a look around at the space above, and find more info here.

Edamame | spicy Cucumber | shishito Peppers | each 6
miso soup 6
lobster miso soup 9
Japanese Caesar salad sesame dressing 9
arugula salad fresh or crispy tofu, shiso plum dressing 11
Crispy Tofu avocado, chili remoulade 9
Beef Tartare romaine, wasabi dressing 14
Kibo? Chicken Dumpling ginger, soy 12
shrimp Tempura ponzu sauce 16

Nigiri & sashimi
Tuna 4.5
Yellowtail 5
Kampachi 5
King salmon 5
shrimp 4
Crab 4
Toro MP
BBQ Eel 4
Uni 6
Octopus 4
salmon roe 4
Tobiko 3.5
King Crab 5

Maki Roll
Kibo? 14
shrimp, spicy hamachi, romaine, walnut-tamarind

Union square 14
baked scallop, avocado, cucumber, crispy rice

California crab, avocado, cucumber 11
with shrimp 11 / with eel 14 / all three 15

golden 18
lobster, tempura shrimp, crispy banana

BBQ Eel 13
avocado, tobiko, shichimi ponzu

Black and White 15
seared fluke, crab, avocado, soy balsamic

spicy Tuna 10
spicy remoulade, sriracha

shrimp and smoked salmon 14
mango, avocado, wasabi cream cheese

rainbow 16
tuna, hamachi, fluke, salmon, tobiko

Vegetarian 9
asparagus, spinach, shiitake

Dressed Sushi (two pieces)
shrimp crab roe, mustard 9
Fluke plum sauce, shiso leaf 10
Tuna miso, tofu 10
King salmon cucumber, yuzu miso 9
hamachi serrano chili 11
Kampachi pickled red onion 14

Robata Grill & Kushiage
Meat: Filet 11 Chicken 9
Seafood: Scallop 12 Prawns 14
Vegetables: Mushroom 4 Eggplant 6
Wagyu? Beef ribeye 5 oz 29

Main Plates:
Crispy Chicken Breast teriyaki sauce, asparagus 14
miso Cod roasted eggplant 24
lobster salad avocado, mozzarella, cherry tomato 29
skirt steak mushroom, shishito, shallots 22
Kakuni braised pork belly, daikon 19

Wok seared Beef Udon 15
Seafood lo mein 16
Cold inaniwa Noodles 11
Singapore Noodles chicken 14

(Traditional Condiments: soy egg, fish cake, nori, bean sprouts, scallions)
Chicken Dango 11 / 16
smoked Pork 11 / 16
spicy seafood 13 / 19

Chicken soboro soft-boiled egg 11
Bibimbop market vegetables 12
White or Brown steamed rice 4

Fried Rice
Chicken 12
Shrimp 14
Vegetable 11

Omakase Sushi Tasting
5 pieces dressed sushi
24 per person

Sushi Platter for 2 guests: 4 nigiri, 4 sashimi, 2 rolls 29 per person


118 E 18th Street, New York, NY 10003 212 824 2770