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Actor Hugh Jackman Now Owns a Tribeca Coffee Shop

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Word of Aussie actor Hugh Jackman's gourmand sensibilities spread when he cameod on Kimchi Chronicles, the WNET show of Jean Georges Vongerichten's wife Marja, and later co-starred with JGV on an episode of Iconoclasts on the Sundance Channel. But the Wolverine is taking it to a new level by opening a coffee shop in Tribeca.

Tribeca Citizen explains that the soon to open Laughing Man Coffee & Tea is the dream child of Jackman and will be run by his friends Barry and David Steingard, and "The idea came about after Jackman visited Ethiopia and befriended a coffee farmer named Dukale. When he returned, he broached the idea of a partnership to the Steingards, family friends who were planning a re-entry into the coffee business." They plan on building partnerships around the world and donating heaps of money to charity. The 200 square foot shop will most likely open to the public on Monday.
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Laughing Man Coffee & Tea

186 Duane St., New York, NY