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Occupy Wall Street Seeking Commercial Kitchen Space

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Anyone who thought the Occupy Wall Street protest would soon wane, dispersing the campers back to the hinterlands better think again. The protest's organizers are seeking a permanent commercial kitchen space downtown to cater to all of the camped out OWS masses. The topic was brought up for debate at the protest's nightly General Assembly yesterday, as a screen displayed live tweets about the proposal. Apparently, they estimate they spend the same amount on two days of catering for the crowds as they would on a month of commercial space rent. Plus a semi-permanent kitchen would provide an easy location for accepting food and supply donations.

Of course, it's being referred to as The People's Kitchen and the leader of the food committee is looking for leads. Know of a good spot? Email

And in other food news, the official pizza provider for the movement Liberatos is giving the protestors 99 free pizzas today to thank them for the business.

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· @OccupyWallStNYC [Twitter]

Broadway & Liberty Streets, New york, NY

Zuccotti Park

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