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Shake Shack Brooklyn's Interactive Art Installation

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On Sunday night, the Shake Shack team made a very special addition to their plywooded space in the Fulton Mall, instantly changing an unlovely construction space into an interactive art project. What they did is built a New York version of the New Orleans installation Before I Die, a giant chalkboard where residents and passersby can share what they wish to do before they die. The official website explains, "Before I Die is an interactive public art project that transforms neglected spaces into constructive places where we can discover the hopes and aspirations of the people around us."

A tipster on the scene tells Eater that the people around the wall dig the concept, and postings so far include "Make Mariela proud of me," "Change the world," "Inspire like Steve Jobs did," and "Hug you heart to heart."

Says a Shack rep, who learned about the installation earlier this year, "We wanted to give something back and create a dialogue with our new community in a pure way that’s true to the spirit of Shack. This is just for Brooklyn, we won’t be bringing this to other sites in the future."
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