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Rolodex Full of Mob Contacts Found at Graham Ave Deli

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Earlier this year, Michael Virtuoso, the owner of beloved Williamsburg deli and sandwich shop Graham Avenue Meats and Deli, was arrested on extortion charges. Allegedly, he is a crimeshark for the Bonanno crime family. Today The Post reports that the FBI found rolodexes and address books in the office of the deli that clearly list the names, numbers, addresses, and even mob titles of several supposed Bonanno associates.

Virtuoso's bail hearing is today, and apparently the feds plan to use the rolodexes to argue that he is an active participant in mob operations, and keep him in jail. His lawyer maintains that he has never admitted to dealing with the mafia, and that Virtuoso has an "impeccable work history." For what it's worth, the deli is still open, and currently boasts one of the highest ratings for food on Yelp, with much of the praise directed at "The Godfather" hero.
· Meathead’s Mob Directory Spills Secrets [NYP]
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Graham Avenue Meats & Deli

445 Graham Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211