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Spritzenhaus Drops Table Service, Goes Full On Brats and Beer

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Spritzenhaus, the massive beer hall and restaurant opened to mostly positive reviews this summer, with folks mainly feeling good about the indoor/outdoor design and variety of beers on tap. The Spritz was more than just beer though, offering a full menu for brunch and dinner all served by a semi-knowledgeable wait staff. A tipster reports that this is no longer the case, saying that "I stopped by Spritzenhaus over the weekend and they have dropped all table service for both drinks and food. You now have to order everything at the bar, and then the bartender gives you a receipt and you have to watch the kitchen and guess when your order comes up. No display or announcements (not that they would do any good over the noise). They also dropped the raw bar and almost everything else from the menu. It's now just brats, fries and pretzels." How Radegast-esque!

Spritzenhaus owner Rob Shamlian confirms the changes, telling Eater that "this is a far better system as now nobody has to wait for a server and instead of waiting for 30-45 minutes to get your food and drinks, now it takes 2-3 minutes for food to be ready. It's a way more focused concept and we are able to keep consistency and service."

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33 Nassau Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11222