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10th Street Fire Caused by Il Cantinori Kitchen Explosion

Il Cantinori via <a href=",11898.msg44534.html?PHPSESSID=5lgimm9la390o08ia1tluhtj96#msg44534" rel="nofollow">NYC Fire</a>
Il Cantinori via NYC Fire

Anyone in the environs of Greenwich Village, or anywhere downtown given the billowing smoke, may have noticed serious commotion in the vicinity of East 10th Street between University and Broadway last night. Its source was a major fire at the building that houses old Italian restaurant and publishing world hangout Il Cantinori. According to various reports, there was a grease fire or explosion in the restaurant's kitchen around 6:30 PM, and the fire traveled up the ducts to the building's roof. They evacuated the restaurant and the building, and it appears that no one was hurt.

By the looks of photos taken on the scene, the fire didn't extend to the main dining room, but don't expect them to reopen for a little while.
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