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Right This Second at the Eater Blogger Lounge: JENGA!

Eater Blogger Lounge, 12:54pm Saturday.

Hey, is that Daniel Boulud playing Jenga? Bien sûr. Friends, it's just another Saturday afternoon at the Eater Blogger Lounge at the Dream Downtown hotel. Still, we're not going to lie to you: we've had a slight setback on the greatest project of our lives, codename #WONDERWHEEL, but while that gets resolved—and, rest assured, it will be resolved—the spirit of the wheel is already enlivening the proceedings. If you're in the nabe, drop by. We're spinning out of control until 5pm.

[What's French for "good sport"? We'll have full coverage of Chef Boulud's bodega taste test shortly.]

[Burger Bash champ Josh Capon, with his daughter Amanda and his newly amended t-shirt, moments before he submitted to the Eater Blogger Lounge Rorschach test. Yes, more on that to come, too.]

Dream Downtown

355 West 16th St., New York, NY