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Astor Place Changes Will Bring Drunken Late Night Havoc

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Curbed NY has the full low down on the City's planned renovations for the Cooper Square/Astor Place area, including a dramatic four-part reconfiguration of streets, parks and traffic islands that will give more room to pedestrians and manage stormwater that causes chaos in the subways down below. Sounds great right? Not so fast. Bowery Boogie reports that the local community board was up in arms over the proposal, but not because of the design or because they were anti-parks. It's because they are afraid that the parks will become a haven for the late night crowd, with CB 3 District Manager Susan Stetzer shrieking, “it’s [the plan] beautiful but you’re making it miserable for the people who live here.” If a public plaza brings surrounded by mostly commercial uses can rile up the locals with nightlife concerns, it may just be time to institute a 9 PM curfew for the neighborhood.
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