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Battle For Apotheke May End In Mediation

The sordid case of Apotheke is headed to mediation. If you recall, mixologist Albert Trummer had reapeatedly been busted by the FDNY for illegally setting the cocktail den's bar aflame, while his partner Heather Tierney's brother Christopher was arrested after he allegedly cornered Trummer in the basement to verbally abuse him, leading to a failed escape by Trummer when Tierney tackled him from behind and held Trummer against his will. Now the two groups are going to try to work out an amicable settlement, with a mediator either resolving the dispute or negotiating a sale of the business to one of the two sides if they can agree on the right price. They are also battling over the ownership of the Apotheke trademark and patent. After all of that drama, mediation seems a bit too tame if you ask us. This should probably be settled with a water balloon fight, drinking contest or some other feat of strength. The mediation begins next month.
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