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FW: An $18 Deli Sandwich at BLT Bar & Grill

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Thank you for visiting the Eater Complaints Department, your unedited platform for voicing poor dining experiences, gross restaurant trends, and general underhandedness. Have grievances? Operators are standing by.

2011_01_bltbargrill.jpgFrom: [an eater]
Date: Friday, January 7, 2011
To: Eater Complaints Department
Subject: An $18 Deli Sandwich at BLT Bar & Grill


I went to lunch at BLT Bar & Grill with some colleagues today, I ordered a steak sandwich ($18) from the menu and someone else ordered a grilled chicken sandwich. They brought us both steak knives, but when the sandwiches arrived they were just stacked with deli-sliced roast beef and roast chicken, respectively. Since they had to somehow order this type of meat that existed nowhere on the menu, what is the possible sequence of events that led to this? They had to have made the conscious decision to just lie blatantly to their customers in a outstandingly objective and verifiable way, with no respect for any repercussions even though the name of the restaurant group is prominently affixed to the endeavor. More than being annoyed, I am just shocked that someone thought they could just slip this one by and be none the worse for wear. Whoever runs this place must be a functional illiterate, unable to comprehend the menu, or just assumes all their customers will be.

BLT Bar & Grill

123 Washington St., New York, NY