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Planned Red Hook Burlesque Bar Draws Complaints

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All David Ruggiero wants to do is open a classy little burlesque joint, swankily named the Paris Burlesque Club, in the former Hello Brooklyn space in Red Hook. If you recall, the space became available after the former DIY music venue was found to be illegally selling liquor without a license and was shut down by the authorities. Cue Mr. Ruggiero, who says that despite community concerns, he is not planning on opening a strip club. Ruggiero told the NY Post that "if I can’t do this legit, I’m not gonna do it at all. This will be a place for talent, set up like a speakeasy.” Who can argue with that logic? Apparently the neighbors, a few of which say they have been fighting noise problems in the neighborhood for years and don't want to cede any additional ground now. Noise problems in Red Hook? Now we've heard everything.
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Paris Burlesque Club

18 Commerce St., Brooklyn, NY 11231