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The Gutter Opens New Music Venue and Screening Room

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If there's one thing Williamsburg needs, it's two bowling alleys/bars that double as music venues and sports watching destinations within a five block radius of one another. So, we're happy to learn that over the last month or so, Williamsburg bar and bowling alley The Gutter has expanded its purview beyond the lanes. They've opened The Back Room (not to be confused with the LES bar), a 100-person space found just beyond their front bar which can be used for music performances, screenings, and special events. Take that Brooklyn Bowl!

Rent it out for events, see a band, or catch a screening (schedule here or here). The $9 admission cost for screenings includes two cans of SlyFox beer.
· Back Room [Official Site via GofG]

The Gutter

200 North 14th St., Brooklyn, NY