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Mike's Apartment Team Switches To Roast Beef Sandwiches

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What happens when two people try to nudge themselves into the top of the nightlife stratosphere through a subversive media campaign to gain notoriety only to have the entire scheme blow up in their faces? You open a Boston style roast beef sandwich shop of course! At least that's what Mike Herman, of the famous Mike's Apartment (remember that), and partner in crime Ray Lemoine plan to do by opening a branch of Harrison's, a sandwich shop in North Andover, Mass in the former Bowery Poetry space. The duo tell Grub Street they will sell their sandwiches in the front of the space and the back will still host music and slam poetry. Oh the mighty have fallen.

As for local competition, Herman and Lemoine dismiss East Village favorite This Little Piggy, the sandwich shop from the Artichoke owners, by saying that "a good beef shop will not pre-slice their beef and have a vat of beef in a tray waiting to be made into a sandwich," and that the Piggy's process of soaking the meat in gravy is a cheap way to "counteract the half-assed cooking process." Fighting words if we've ever heard them. As for why their planned nightlife empire with rumored partner Paul Sevigny never got off the ground, Herman says, “the [Acme] owner was too much of a lying, sleazy guy and Paul got lured into a quicker turnaround deal with Nur.”
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Harrison's Roast Beef

308 Bowery New York, New York 10012