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Former NYT Critic Sheraton Burns Brooklyn, Sifton, Chang

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Mimi Sheraton may have passed the New York Times restaurant critic baton way back in 1983, but she hasn't given up being a critic. In an article in Capital New York today promoting her and Andre Soltner's upcoming Musical Suppers series—she pairs a top notch chefs with Philharmonic performances—Sheraton says the Times dining coverage is too trend-focused, dislikes Sam Sifton's style and skips the first half of his reviews, and added, of David Chang, that she doesn't "take him seriously as a chef." She also has some word for Brooklyn. Not so surprisingly, she fall into the Jeffrey Steingarten camp:

I’m from Brooklyn, but it would take a lot to get me there for dinner. When Lundy’s was Lundy’s, I’d be there. When Gargiulo’s was Gargiulo’s, I went. I certainly went to Gage and Tollner. There were one-of-a-kind things there, but so far anywhere I’ve been to there has not been worth the trip from Manhattan. I haven’t been to Al di la, because you have to wait on line, and I’m not going to Brooklyn to wait on line...The Times has certainly been very exaggerated in its Brooklyn coverage, because most of them live there.
And don't get her started on food trucks.
· Chow time: Mimi Sheraton and Andre Soltner on what's changed since Lutece [Capital New York]