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Chang, Times Writers Respond to Mimi Sheraton

In a Capital New York article today, former Times Mimi Sheraton slammed David Chang (saying she didn't take him seriously as a chef), coverage in the Times dining section (too trend focused), New York writers' obsession with Brooklyn, and the writing of Sam Sifton. There's been a certain amount of response on the Twittersphere! (Oh, and there are 17 comments.) Above was Chang's take. Below, we have more.

Times writer, Manhattanite, Brooklyn lover, Oliver Strand:

Times critic, Brooklynite Sam Sifton:

Times writer and Brooklynite Amanda Hesser:

Bloomberg critic, Manhattanite, Brooklyn lover Ryan Patrick Sutton:
· Former NYT Critic Sheraton Burns Brooklyn, Sifton, Chang [~ENY~]