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How Will Sam Sifton Rate Laurent Manrique's Millesime?

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Word on the street is Sam Sifton's first review of 2011 will zero in on Millesime, the not too buzzed about yet generally believed to be excellent new seafood restaurant from chef Laurent Manrique in the Carlton Hotel. Since the opening of the restaurant came in stages—first it was just the lower level bar—the opening missed the big buzz of many of the major fall comers. Plus, that name.

But we're talking about a serious chef, and what could be a triumphant homecoming to New York after years of earning Michelin stars in San Francisco. Not only that: this restaurant is relatively pricey, very French, and in the same space as the Geoffrey Zakarian's failed Country. So it is a review of note.

Should he file it, what will Millesime get? Truth be told, it probably has a deuce as soon as Sifton walks through the door. The question is whether the scales can be tipped to three star status. Those who have been (and the rest), weigh in below. [Millesime, by 8 PM; NYT]

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