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NYPD Busts Illegal Pop Up Nightclub In Midtown

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The NYPD busted an illegal nightclub operating inside the studio of a New York based talent agent over the weekend, leading the agent who leases the studio to offer what may be the lamest excuse ever for her crime. According to reports, the NYPD became suspicious when they noticed a van unloading booze and ice outside the commercial building during the day. When they returned at 3 AM, the officers found limos parked outside and a full scale "pop up nightclub" upstairs, with 80 to 100 people and a DJ, open liquor bottles, weapons and something that smelled like weed. But Mary Millana, the studio owner, says that the cops got it all wrong.

Millana tried to explain to the police that the entire thing was just one giant film set for a video shoot for a famous DJ, saying that the DJ booth and bar were just props. And those burly men dressed like security guards? They were just actors hired to play security guards!

Amazingly, the NYPD managed to see through the ruse when they realized that there weren't any cameras or lights and that drugs, weapons and alcohol were very, very real. Even more amazing is that the cops have already become aware of the pop-ups in New York City. Several people were arrested on the scene, but Millana, who was not present at the party, has not yet been charged.
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Illegal Party Room

1674 Broadway, New York, NY