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Nightlife Notebook: Greenhouse For Sale?, LeBron Sightings

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SOHOSteve Lewis gets word that there is trouble among the partners at Greenhouse, and that both this venue and Juliet Supper Club have been quietly put on the market. Lewis cautions that owner Jon B hasn't confirmed this, but believes that he would like to find a way to open in Las Vegas. What we have heard from various Little Birdies is that Jon B. has been bought out by his partners, and that the venues will continue to operate as is. [BB]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— Showing confidence of a team that has already beaten the Knicks several times this season, LeBron James and Dwayne Wade decided to spend a night on the town before tonight's game at MSG and check out the Darby. Fun was had by all. Now you know. [UD Twitter]

SOHO— Armin Amiri has apparently chosen a name for his new lounge at the Mondrian Soho, and it's Mr. H. Is that a nod to the diseases that spelled doom for Socialista or just not that great of a name? Either way, it opens during Fashion Week. [NYNightlife]

UNION SQUARE— Most people who stumble from the subway platform onto the tracks wind up on the front page of the New York tabloids, but not so for Bruce Lynn, an old school nightlife publicist who alleges that he was shoved onto the tracks at Union Square by a "feckless, gum-chewing thug". So like any good publicist, he decided to call Page Six himself to share his tragic tale and still work in a plug for his client. [NYP]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— Finally, the Bagatelle battle was heard in court this week, and the parties expect a decision at the beginning of next week. [EaterWire]
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