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Injured Eddie Huang Keeps Cooking, Eating Ice Cream

Welcome back to Haus Call, where Eater periodically checks in with BaoHaus chef/owner Eddie Huang to see what he’s up to these days.

eddiehuang.jpg2010 was a crazy year for Eddie Huang. His restaurant Xiao Ye opened, then closed, he got entangled in Four Loko controversy, and even began working on the pilot for his own TV show. This year, he's been turning his attention back to his first restaurant BaoHaus, introducing new menu items and specials, some of which are carried over from Xiao Ye. And next month, he'll be doing a guest spot at No. 7 in Brooklyn for a Chinese New Year feast, as well as a slew of other food events. When we asked him what he was up to this morning, he replied:

I actually sprained my ankle playin War Report Basketball yesterday (that's our team name) at some school on Eastern Parkway and got carried out like I was Mulan after I hit the tying bucket. Now I'm laid up eating astronaut ice cream and listenin to that new Ace Hood that Raf Martinez put me on to cause "Momma need a house, baby need some shoes..." Today, my brother is gonna get a shopping cart and wheel my ass around for a NY Post photo shoot.
I'm definitely still doing all my events coming up. Metromix Hot Plates Monday, CNY at No. 7 wed/thurs, and Lucky Rice at BK Flea Sunday. At Metromix and Lucky Rice we'll be doing the TV Dinner Series with new dishes. The pilot finished editing this week, the homie J Bless did some beats for it so it's lookin good.

He also sent along this photo:
And another of a dish he's working on: red sausage casserole with some bosch pear, red chilis, fungus, and bamboo:
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