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Employee Stands Up For the Standard Hotel's Height Policy

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Following yesterday's news that two former Boom Boom Room cocktail waitresses were suing the Standard Hotel over their dismissal for allegedly being too short, another employee reached out to Eater in defense of their employer. The insider says:

I am an employee at The Standard and know first hand that they have a long and challenging interview process; I can't imagine either of these girls would have been hired if they didn't think their experience, appearance and personality were a match for the company. Unless they shrunk significantly during their time employed at the Boom Boom Room, they knew how tall they were and would not have hired them initially if height was a factor.
The tipster also claims that one of the Boom's tallest waitresses was recently fired, making Faye Rex and Stephanie Jaggers' claims seem dubious. Can't you just imagine this whole case inspiring an episode of Law and Order: Nightlife?
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Boom Boom Room

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