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As Son Cubano Heads North, Owners Plan MePa Tapas Parlor

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In November, Latin-themed Meatpacking restaurant/club Son Cubano announced that it was packing up and moving north to the old Cain space at 544 West 27th Street. Today, Zagat learns that Saturday will be the last day of business in the old location, and that the Son Cubano team is also opening a new tapas restaurant under the Highline on 16th St. and 10th Ave.

This new place will be called Ventanas, and is slated to open sometime in April. If that name rings a bell, perhaps it's because the same team went before the CB2 three years ago, to try and open a concept with the same title at 2nd Ave and 1st St. Back then, it was pitched as a " 'Mexiterranean' blend of Mexican and Mediterranean cuisine." But now, the owners say it will be similar to another one of their properties, Flor De Sol in Tribeca.
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Son Cubano

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