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Braeburn Restaurant Closes; Bistrong May Head to Bouley

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Krieger, 10/16/08

Over the weekend, a tipster reported to Eater that two year-old West Village neighborhood spot Braeburn held its last service on Saturday night and let go of its staff. Although, weirdly, a worker at the restaurant denied the report during a walkby yesterday, the OpenTable is down and the phone is disconnected.

Now comes official word from the restaurant:

Even though Braeburn will no longer exist in the West Village, what remains is our enthusiasm for local and high quality food, a fervid interest in wine and spirits, and creating memorable dining experiences. We have no doubt that our next ventures will posses all of these elements.
It was a nice run, and while chef Brian Bistrong is a talented chef, the restaurant never took off the way it needed to, earning one star reviews across the board. A co-worker tells us today that Bistrong is heading to Bouley and has invited some of his former staff to join. We await confirmation.
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