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Red Hook Burlesque Bar Owner Wows Community Board

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Remember David Ruggiero, the man with the vision and guts to turn a former DIY Red Hook music venue into a classy burlesque joint? Well, Mr. Ruggiero went in front of the Community Board last night, stared into the face of the opposition, and came out on top. How'd he do it? Brutal honesty and enough random promises that the board had little choice to approve his Paris Burlesque Club. Ruggiero promised:

· No strippers. In fact, PBC won't even have stripper poles or runways.
· No nudity. The dames will only strip down to bikini bottoms.
· World class security run by people with law enforcement background and not some hired goon.
Who wouldn't want this kind of well run joint in their neighborhood?

Ruggiero also promises that this isn't just a place to come watch dames jiggle what their mamas gave them. The Paris Burlesque Club will also offer customers live jazz, comedians, mimes and jugglers, just like that movie that David Ruggiero once saw about Paris burlesque clubs.

All of these promises helped secure the Board's preliminary approval, but not everyone was so happy. One neighbor complained that they were "getting jerked around," but everyone knows that won't happen until much later. Zing! The full board will vote on the club on February 9th.
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Paris Burlesque Club

18 Commerce St., Brooklyn, NY