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Inside John Fraser's Pop-Up, What Happens When

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[Krieger, 1/21/11]

Just a few weeks after it was first announced and a couple of days after initial friends and family meals, Dovetail chef/owner John Fraser will debut his pop-up restaurant What Happens When to the public this week—tomorrow if all goes as planned, but possibly Wednesday, Fraser says.

As mentioned previously, the pop-up will exist at 25 Cleveland Place in Soho for the next nine months, after which it will be completed disassembled. Each month, Fraser and his team of artists and designers will create a new theme for the space and alter the menu, soundscape, design, and graphics accordingly, leaving just the black walls and white outlines. Fraser has a whole slew of tricks up his sleeve for the coming months, so stay tuned to see how this restaurant/art installation evolves. The menu, a $58 prix fixe, is below.

menu no. 1



potato skins
wheat beer fondue, pickled sausage, sorrel

iceberg lettuce
cottage cheese, grapes, king trumpet mushrooms

arctic char
fennel aspic, preserved lemon

beet mignonette, sunchokes, arugula


dill, squid, clams

guinea hen
buckwheat crepe, carrot, radicchio

hunter's plate
pig parts, bitter greens, bread dumpling

lamb loin
barley, leek, chestnut



$58 prix fixe

What Happens When

25 Cleveland Place, New York, NY 10012 (212) 925-8310 Visit Website