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Winner, Winner, Truffle Dinner

2011_01_acbt.jpgEarlier this week, we announced a contest for a free 3-course truffle-centric dinner at Locanda Verde at the upcoming AC/BT dinner. This is the entry chef Andrew Carmellini chose: "For crispy testa and smoked farm egg,/I would give an arm and a leg./For Yukon Potato and Fire-Roasted Chicken,/I would gladly be lightning stricken./For Risotto Dolce to end my meal,/With the devil I would make a deal./I would do anything for a Black Truffle Dinner,/Which is why you should make me the winner!" [Eater Contests]

Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 925-3797 Visit Website

377 Greenwich St., New York, NY