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New 'Chef Hunter' Show Will Turn Your Restaurant Into a Hit

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As a restaurateur, it can be tough to rebound from a serious chef shuffle. As we know, the city's great cooks are in high demand, and can be tough to wrangle. Thankfully, a new cable TV show wants to do all the work for you.

This week, the reality show casting boards and Craigslist have been flooded with open calls for a new, yet-unnamed program from a "MAJOR CABLE NETWORK" that is "looking to place executive chefs in restaurants/fine dining establishments." Apparently, they have a team of "top Chef Hunters" ready to find the prefect kitchen pro, who will turn your failing NYC restaurant into a solid gold hit. So, kind of like a cross between Kitchen Nightmares and Dog the Bounty Hunter? Who knows. But, if you're sick of looking for new employees, perhaps its worth giving it a go — you could get a new chef and national TV exposure!
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