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Former Saigon Grill Owner Heads to Jail for Three Months

Over two years ago the owners of Saigon Grill on the Upper West Side were arrested, following protests that they violated state labor laws. Now, according to his sentencing this morning, the former owner of the chain, Simon Nget, will go to prison for three months for a felony charge of falsifying business records and a misdemeanor of witness tampering. He and his wife must also must pay back $47,600 to the state department of labor and $84,500 in state taxes. He was already forced to pay $4.6 million to workers back in 2008.

According to complaints, the Ngets paid workers as little as $1.80 an hour, they fined workers who were too busy making deliveries to help them package sauces, they retaliated against workers who were going to file against them in court, and they forced workers to cash bogus checks and give the money back to them.
· 'Saigon' restaurant tyrant sentenced to three-months jail [NYP]

Saigon Grill

620 Amsterdam Ave., New York, NY