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Browsing the Menu Archive of the New York Public Library

Arnold's Restaurant and Dairy
Arnold's Restaurant and Dairy
[Jessica Lin]

Today, Jeremiah's Vanishing New York ran a post featuring a bevy of restaurant menus of yore, including one from Luchow's in 1958, Toots Shor in 1951, and Gage & Tollner from 1962. It inspired us to run the above gallery of photos that former intrepid Eater intern Jessica Lin took during a trip to the menu collection of the New York Public Library. There she was shown a menu from the early 1900's of a press club dinner at Delmonico's, a one hundred year-old menu from the soon to reopen Fraunces' Tavern, a relic from Childs', and—now this is not New York but still a great find—the 1912 Red Sox World Champions Complimentary Dinner at Putnam's. It's just a mere fraction of the 26,000 menus they have on hand. Have a look.
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