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Cops Tow Food Truck Protesting Unfair Treatment by Cops

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Earlier today, we heard that Paty's Taco Truck would be serving $1 tacos for lunch, to raise awareness for a vendor rights rally. The truck says that it was the target of a ticketing blitz a month and a half ago that eventually led to the arrest of its owner and the shutdown of its operations.

So, what happened when they returned to the streets today? They were towed by the police, who claimed that they were not allowed to vend from a metered spot, and the owner was slapped with more fines. Apparently eight or so cops had been closely monitoring them since they set up shop this morning, and the truck was hoisted away with 45 minutes left on the meter. A spokesperson for the Street Vendors Project told DNA Info: "Even if they were breaking parking rules — and I don't think they were because I don't think food is merchandise — that's why they get a ticket. But that's not a worth a tow." The Paty's team is going leave the truck in lockdown tonight, and go to court tomorrow to protest the ticket.
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Paty's Taco

Lexington Ave. & E 86th St., New York, NY 10128