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Freddy's to Reopen on Feb. 4 Complete with Chains of Justice

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Freddy's Bar, the Brooklyn dive that was forced to leave its Dean Street home last year because of Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards project, has just set a date for its grand reopening in a new location two miles away. On February 4, the new Freddy's will open on 627 5th Ave. over by 17th Street in the nether regions of Park Slope next to the highway.

In a press release, the new owners (two former bartenders and a former manager) explain that the original prohibition era red mahogany bar, the old booths and tables, and the notorious "Chains of Justice" (which the old owner placed around the bar to protest the eminent domain decision that put them out on the streets) all made the move. Visitors can also look out for "Hollywood Regency chandeliers, steam punk accents, vintage wallpaper as well as handmade erotic wall-paper and permanent art installations from local art stars like Nancy Drew and Steve Pauley."
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Freddy's Bar

627 5th Ave., Brooklyn, NY