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Free Drinks for All as Mercadito Cantina Closes on Ave. B

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EV Grieve reports this morning that Mercadito Cantina, the three year-old spinoff restaurant to Mercadito across the street, is closing at the end of the month. A rep gets in touch to confirm the news and offer more details, noting that "While it is a sad moment for all of us who loved the food of Cantina, we feel very proud of what we were able to accomplish and we are excited of the new experiences we will have available at this great and cozy space." They are turning their space—which may have failed due to a lack of a full liquor license—into an event space where they'll offer "innovative cooking demonstrations by Chef Sandoval, beverage classes by Tippling Bros., private party packages and more." Add a chef's table and we'd have a trend on our hands.

In the meantime, from now until the closing date of January 30, Mercadito Cantina is offering each diner a complimentary beverage.
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Mercadito Cantina

172 Ave. B, New York, NY