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Kosher Conveyor Belt Sushi Coming to Downtown New York

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Conveyor belt sushi hasn't had a great time of it in New York. Sushi Yushi is having a go of it in Midtown, but Sakae Sushi's plans at citywide domination were stopped short. Now, a newcomer's giving it a go.

Last night, the Tribeca Committee of Community Board 1 met to discuss an agenda that was dominated mostly by talks of water pipe #3 construction wreaking havoc in Lower Manhattan. Before getting to that bit of dirty business, they discussed a liquor license Sushein, an as yet unopened Japanese restaurant at 325 Broadway. Their sushi will be served conveyor-belt style but that's not even the most interesting tidbit about the restaurant - they're a Kosher operation, which makes the cited 4 PM closing time on Friday not odd at all. They were approved unanimously for a beer and wine license.

Also on the docket, Locanda Verde was unanimously approved for a renewal for its unenclosed sidewalk café space.
—Gary Wong


325 Broadway, New York, NY