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Armin Amiri Returns to Nightlife at the Mondrian Soho

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Following yesterday's leak about a pending return, Armin Amiri announces via Page Six that he will be overseeing the new lounge at the soon to open Mondrian Soho. The former Bungalow 8 doorman had given up the nightlife game to pursue an acting career following the disaster that was Socialista, the Cuban themed restaurant and lounge that opened strong but bombed big time before eventually closing, making way for the Jane Ballroom and Cafe Gitane. Now Amiri is jumping back into the already crowded hotel nightlife game with the yet to be named lounge, which apparently "will have a VIP entrance through a garage so celebrities can enter safe from the prying eyes of paparazzi." That seems necessary. The lounge and hotel open at the end of February just in time for Fashion Week, and hopefully it still doesn't look too much like this.
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The Mondrian Soho

9 Crosby Street, New York, NY 10013