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Cafe Charbon Space Transferred to Owners of Off the Wagon

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The full report on last night's Community Board 3 meeting is coming up soon, but first, some news from nine year-old LES standby, Cafe Charbon. It was revealed last night that they are transferring their liquor license to none other than the folks behind fratastic watering holes Off The Wagon, Down The Hatch, and the newly opened The 13th Step (among others).

They were granted a license transfer in the space at 168 Orchard St., which means they'll keep the coveted 4 AM closing time. The board reasoned that since the space was going to be up for grabs anyway, they'd rather give it to experienced operators than deal with an unknown. No mention of a name for the venue, but there will be a private party room and the occasional DJ. One board member in particular was vocal about her love of their other establishments, so this one was ushered in quickly.

The news of the fall of Charbon comes just as LES neighbors Pink Pony and Max Fish prep to close up shop.
—Zachary Feldman

Cafe Charbon

168 Orchard St., New York, NY