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Rumored Staff Shake Up At Bagatelle and Kiss and Fly

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Rumors from Club Land, as PX This reports that Aymeric Clemente and Remi Laba, partners at Bagatelle, RDV, and Kiss and Fly, were unceremoniously forced out of the restaurant and club on Christmas Eve and are no longer associated with the venue. The duo, who got started as promoters and promotional directors at clubs like Lotus, Marquee, and Pink Elephant, helped bring the Euro centric crowd to the multi-faceted space in Meatpacking District, one that while isn't included in the upper echelon of New York nightlife, has created a profitable niche in the area. We've reached out to Remi and the restaurant for comment but are still awaiting word. Expect this to play out in court.

PX also reports that Armin Amiri, he of Socialista fame, will be making a second go of it somewhere in Chinatown. Let's hope he has more luck than he did in the Jane Hotel, and can keep this place hepatitis free.
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Kiss and Fly

409 West 13th St, New York, NY 10014